Thursday, August 30, 2007

welcome to ya...

"Coicís in Éirinn" --a fortnight in Ireland. two weeks for you american speakers out there.

i recently went to Ireland for about 2 weeks and i intend this blog to be sort of a post-event travelogue based on a journal i kept while i was there. lots of photos too. check out for 80 some-odd of the couple hundred i took. i'll probably refer to them as i write, and post some within the blog as well--just to make it look interesting.

going to ireland was an amazing treat. i worked my ass off all summer (thanks for putting up with THAT, Steph! xox!) and made enough money to live more or less like a king. B + B style. ate out every meal. bought books and CD's. rented a bike. the only thing i didn't do was rent a car. or buy a house. though i would love to buy a house in Ireland!

anyway. i hope you enjoy reading about my trip as much as i enjoyed living it. i'm sad it's over but i won't soon forget it! i want to give a hearty anerican-style howdy to Fergal, Patricia, Sinéad and Elaine, members of the gang i hung out with during the better part of my trip. there were others as well, and i'll mention them as i go along. do bhaineas an-sult as bhur gcomhlúadar agus tá súil agam go ndeachaidh sibh abhaile go sabháilte. cífidh mé sibh an bhliain seo chugainn--geallaim daoibh!

slán go fóillín!